Dean’s Greeting – Prof. Hao Yufan

For more than four hundred years Macao has been a window and platform for East-West cultural flows, collisions, and assimilations. This unique position has provided Macao with world-class historical and cultural heritage, and has created an all-embracing ecology and culture. Today people from all over the world have made this wonderful place their home. Many world religions – Buddhism, Taoism, Matsu, Catholicism, Protestantism, and Islam – are deeply-rooted here and coexist with one another in harmony. Indeed, Macao, small as it is, has absorbed the essence of human civilization.


It was in this context of profound history and culture that the University of Macau (UM) was established in 1981. Thanks to the wise leadership of rectors and the hard work and resilience of staff and students over the past three decades, UM has attained impressive achievements in teaching, research and community service, and has become a leading comprehensive university in the Macao SAR, enjoying increasing international status. Now, once again, UM is on the threshold of a new era, and a bright future is beckoning. Recent years have witnessed UM vigorously implementing a series of strategic plans for optimizing quality, including creating an Honours College, introducing a residential college system, establishing a Centre for Student Counselling on Further Studies & Employment, launching undergraduate research programmes, and adopting an innovative educational model. This model consists of four components: discipline-specific education, general education, research & internship education, and community and peer education, all aiming to realize well-balanced and whole-person education. At the same time, UM encourages teachers and students to engage in academic research, striving to become a world-class university with distinctive regional features. The new UM campus on Hengqin Island will be ready for use within two years. This unprecedented opportunity presented by the new campus project will help UM achieve the goal of elite undergraduate education, outstanding faculty, research excellence and environmental efficiency.


Striving to attain the University’s educational aims and objectives and taking advantage of its academic strengths and top-notch research teams, Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) will try to create mutual understanding, enhance teaching quality, pursue academic excellence, strengthen community service, and thus become a leading centre with distinct features for nurturing high-calibre personnel and for academic research in social sciences.


We believe that the ability to think critically, to learn rigorously and to act creatively, the capability to understand fundamental ideas and issues in context, the commitment to society, as well as the yearning for truth, are the fundamental features of our humanities. We also believe that in this fast-changing world, students, whatever their major, must have a basic understanding of the current methodologies and content of the social sciences. At FSS, we teach the core knowledge and values for effective and responsible citizenship today.


With the full support of both the local authorities and the motherland, we are committed to serving Macao whole-heartedly while opening up to the whole world. With our regional and national strengths and global competitiveness, we are confident that the Faculty of Social Sciences will have a great future.


We welcome aspiring young men and women to pursue our various degree programmes in FSS.

We welcome scholars and experts from all over the world to engage in various exchange and cooperation projects at FSS.


And we welcome men and women of vision and insight to join us and work together in the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Macau.