Institute of Global and Public Affairs (IGPA)

The Institute of Global and Public Affairs is interdisciplinary platform for the promotion and facilitation of teaching, research and institutional exchanges on various local, national, regional, international, and global issues among scholars, students, professionals and policy makers at the University of Macau, Greater China, East Asia, Europe and North America. IGPA is also the coordination and integration of scholarly endeavors and enterprises related to international and public affairs. This field is broadly defined and encompasses various academic departments and programs at the University of Macau, thereby taking advantage of the University‚Äôs comprehensive research capability. The organized activities of the IGPA- such as conferences, seminars, workshops, research projects, dialogues, lecture series, etc. – are designed to benefit both students and scholars at the University of Macau and the Macau community as a whole. IGPA is also the integration of regional academic disciplines relating to international and public affairs, allowing the University … Continue reading Institute of Global and Public Affairs (IGPA)